Product Description

NTN CZPT CZPT URB ZKL CRAFT FYH PEER Pillow Block ball Bearing /Insert Bearing/Bearing Unit/Bearings Housing/Agricultural Bearing/OEM Bearing/ UC Ucf UCFL UCT UK for stainless steel

Pillow Block Ball Bearing
—UC insert bearing
Optional Model:UC200/UC300/UK200/UEL200/SB/UE/UD

The material of the insert ball bearing:Bearing steel/stainless steel/carbon steel/plastic

Available product accuracy grades:P0, P6, P5, Z1V1, Z2V2


Cage material:Grey Iron/Stainless Steel

Housing material:Cast iron/cast steel/plastic/stainless steel/zinc alloy

Housing can be customized:Color and weight

Optional bearing housing:P/PH/PA/F/FU/FS/FL/FLU/FA/FC/T/C/FT/FB/HA/PP/PF/PFT/PFL
The pillow block ball bearing is actually a variant of the deep groove ball bearing. Its characteristic is that its outer ring outer diameter surface is a spherical surface, which can be fitted into the corresponding concave spherical surface of the bearing seat to play the role of centering. The outer spherical bearing is mainly used to bear the combined radial and axial load based on the radial load, and it is generally not suitable to bear the axial load alone.

Product Description

All technical details as belows:

Material information:

Specification Steel NO. HRC Chemical composition %
C Si Mn Mo S P Cr
GB/T 18254 Gcr 15 61-65 0.95~1.05 0.15~0.35 0.25~0.45 below 0.08 below 0.571 below 0.571 1.40~1.65

UC/UE/SA/SB bearings P housing F housing T housing FL housing
201 P203 F203 T203 FL203
202 P203 F203 T203 FL203
203 P203 F203 T203 FL203
204 P204 F204 T204 FL204
205 P205 F205 T205 FL205
206 P206 F206 T206 FL206
207 P207 F207 T207 FL207
208 P208 F208 T208 FL208
209 P209 F209 T209 FL209
210 P210 F210 T210 FL210
211 P211 F211 T211 FL211
212 P212 F212 T212 FL212
213 P213 F213 T213 FL213
214 P214 F214 T214 FL214
215 P215 F215 T215 FL215

Bearing   Dimensions(mm)   Bearing No. Housing 
Unit NO. (mm) h a e b s2 s1 g w Bi n (mm) Wt (kg)
UCP305-14 25 45 175 132 45 20 17 15 85 38 15 M14 UC305-14 0.9
UCP305-15 UC305-15
UCP305-16 UC305-16
UCP305 UC305
UCP306-18 30 50 180 140 50 20 17 18 95 43 17 M14 UC306-18 1.1
UCP306-19 UC306-19
UCP306 UC306
UCP307-20 35 56 210 160 56 25 17 20 106 48 19 M14 UC307-20 1.95
UCP307-21 UC307-21
UCP307-22 UC307-22
UCP307-23 UC307-23
UCP307 UC307
UCP308-24 40 60 220 170 60 27 17 22 116 52 19 M14 UC308-24 2.2
UCP308-25 UC308-25
UCP308 UC308
UCP309-26 45 67 245 190 67 30 20 24 129 57 22 M16 UC309-26 3.3
UCP309-27 UC309-27
UCP309-28 UC309-28
UCP309 UC309
UCP310-30 50 75 275 212 75 35 20 27 143 61 22 M16 UC310-30 4.8
UCP310-31 UC310-31
UCP310 UC310
UCP311-32 55 80 310 236 80 38 20 30 154 66 25 M16 UC311-32 5.3
UCP311-34 UC311-34
UCP311-35 UC311-35
UCP311 UC311
UCP312-36 60 85 330 250 85 38 25 32 165 71 26 M20 UC312-36 6.3
UCP312-38 UC312-38
UCP312-39 UC312-39
UCP312 UC312
UCP313-40 65 90 340 260 90 38 25 33 176 75 30 M20 UC313-40 8
UCP313 UC313
UCP314-44 70 95 360 280 90 40 27 35 187 78 33 M22 UC314-44 8.3
UCP314 UC314
UCP315-48 75 100 380 290 100 40 27 35 198 82 32 M22 UC315-48 9.5
UCP315 UC315
UCP316-50 80 106 400 300 110 40 27 40 210 86 34 M22 UC316-50 12.5
UCP316 UC315
UCP317-52 85 112 420 320 110 45 33 40 220 96 40 M27 UC317-52 14.5
UCP317 UC317
UCP318-56 90 118 430 330 110 45 33 45 235 96 40 M27 UC318-56 20.4
UCP318 UC318
UCP319-60 95 125 470 360 120 50 36 45 250 103 41 M30 UC319-60 22.3
UCP319 UC319
UCP320-64 100 140 490 380 120 50 36 50 275 108 42 M30 UC320-64 25
UCP320 UC320
UCP321 105 140 490 380 120 50 36 50 280 112 44 M30 UC321 24
UCP322 110 150 520 400 140 55 40 55 300 117 46 M33 UC322 27.5
UCP324 120 160 570 450 140 55 40 65 320 126 51 M33 UC324 32.3
UCP326 130 180 600 480 140 55 40 75 355 135 54 M33 UC326 41
UCP328 140 200 620 500 140 55 40 75 390 145 59 M33 UC328 50

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Packaging & Shipping

Our packing:

* Industrial pakage+outer carton+pallets
* sigle box+outer carton+pallets
* Tube package+middle box+outer carton+pallets
* According to your requirments

Company Profile

Our factory



1. 20+ yearsof experience in manufacturing bearing;
2.Annual output value of more than 40 million yuan;
3.Passed the ISO9001 international quality certification system;
4.160 sets imported production equipments;
5.Professional sales team.

      We have been engaged in foreign trade for more than 6 years and are well-known enterprises in ZheJiang Province. The fixed assets of the machine are more than 2 million US dollars, and the annual foreign trade sales volume exceeds 2 million US dollars.
     We have extensive cooperation with countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Including Russia, Ukraine, elarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Spain, Mexico,India, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam and other industrial areas.
Honor and Certification
Rated as an excellent company in the local area, and both quality and management systems have been recognized.





1.Samples quantity: 1-10 pcs are available.
2.Free samples: It depends on the model NO., material and quantity. Some of the bearings samples need client to pay
samples charge and shipping cost.
3.It’s better to start your order with Trade Assurance to get full protection for your samples order.

The customized LOGO or drawing is acceptable for us.

1.MOQ: 10 pcs mix different standard bearings.
2.MOQ:  3000 pcs customized your brand bearings.

1.We can printing your brand (logo,artwork)on the shield or laser engraving your brand on the shield.
2.We can custom your packaging according to your design
3.All copyright own by clients and we promised don’t disclose any info.

Please visit our bearings website, we strongly encourge that you can communicate with us through email,thanks!

We have all kinds of bearings, just tell me your item number and quantity,best price will be offered to you soon
The material of the bearings, precision rating, seals type,OEM service,etc, all of them we can make according to your requirement.

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Rolling Body: Roller Bearings
The Number of Rows: Single
Outer Dimension: Small and Medium-Sized (60-115mm)
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

steel ball bearing

What are the eco-friendly or sustainable aspects of steel ball bearing materials?

Steel ball bearing materials offer several eco-friendly and sustainable aspects that align with the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility. Here are some key eco-friendly and sustainable aspects of steel ball bearing materials:

1. Recyclability:

Steel ball bearing materials, primarily composed of steel alloys, are highly recyclable. At the end of their service life, steel bearings can be recycled and used as feedstock for the production of new steel products. The recycling process helps conserve natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and minimizes waste generation. Additionally, the recycling of steel contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions associated with steel production.

2. Longevity and Durability:

Steel ball bearings are known for their longevity and durability. They can withstand heavy loads, high speeds, and harsh operating conditions. The long service life of steel bearings reduces the need for frequent replacements, resulting in lower waste generation and resource consumption. The durability of steel bearings also translates into reduced maintenance requirements and associated environmental impacts, such as the use of lubricants or the disposal of worn-out bearings.

3. Energy Efficiency:

Steel ball bearings contribute to energy efficiency in various applications. By reducing friction and minimizing energy losses, they help improve the efficiency of rotating machinery, such as motors, generators, or industrial equipment. The use of high-quality steel alloys, advanced bearing designs, and optimized lubrication techniques further enhance energy efficiency. The overall energy savings achieved through the application of steel ball bearings contribute to reduced energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Reduced Environmental Impact:

Steel ball bearings have a relatively low environmental impact compared to alternative bearing materials. The production of steel bearings involves well-established manufacturing processes that have efficient resource utilization and lower environmental footprint. Steel alloys used in bearing manufacturing are often sourced from recycled materials or produced through processes with reduced energy intensity. Additionally, advancements in surface coatings and lubrication technologies help minimize the environmental impact by reducing friction, wear, and the need for hazardous lubricants.

5. Compatibility with Sustainable Practices:

Steel ball bearings are compatible with sustainable practices in various industries. They can be integrated into systems that prioritize energy efficiency, renewable energy utilization, and reduced emissions. Steel bearings find applications in renewable energy technologies, such as wind turbines or solar tracking systems, where their durability, efficiency, and recyclability contribute to the overall sustainability of these systems. Moreover, the long service life and reliability of steel bearings reduce the need for frequent maintenance or replacement, aligning with sustainable maintenance practices.

6. Compliance with Environmental Regulations:

Steel ball bearings comply with environmental regulations and standards. Manufacturers adhere to environmental regulations related to material sourcing, manufacturing processes, waste management, and emissions control. Compliance with these regulations ensures that the production and use of steel ball bearings meet specific environmental criteria and minimize any potential negative impact on the environment.

Overall, steel ball bearing materials offer eco-friendly and sustainable aspects due to their recyclability, longevity, energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact, compatibility with sustainable practices, and compliance with environmental regulations. These aspects make steel ball bearings a preferred choice in industries striving for environmental responsibility and sustainability.

steel ball bearing

Can you explain the installation and alignment considerations for steel ball bearings?

Proper installation and alignment are critical for the optimal performance and longevity of steel ball bearings. Let’s explore the key considerations for installing and aligning these bearings:

1. Cleanliness:

Prior to installation, it is essential to ensure that the bearing housing, shaft, and surrounding components are clean and free from dirt, debris, and contaminants. Any particles or impurities can affect the bearing’s performance and cause premature wear or damage. Cleaning the surfaces thoroughly and using appropriate cleaning agents or solvents is recommended.

2. Shaft and Housing Tolerances:

Steel ball bearings require precise shaft and housing tolerances for proper fit and alignment. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines for the recommended tolerance range. Excessive clearance or interference can lead to improper load distribution, increased friction, and premature failure of the bearing.

3. Bearing Handling:

When handling steel ball bearings, care should be taken to avoid dropping or impacting the bearing. Rough handling can cause damage to the balls, raceways, or cage, compromising the bearing’s performance. It is advisable to use clean gloves and suitable tools to prevent contamination or accidental damage during the installation process.

4. Mounting Methods:

There are various methods for mounting steel ball bearings, including press fitting, thermal expansion, and using mounting tools. The chosen method should be appropriate for the bearing size, type, and application. Applying force evenly and gradually while avoiding excessive pressure is crucial to prevent bearing distortions or misalignment during mounting.

5. Lubrication:

Prior to installation, the bearing should be properly lubricated with the recommended lubricant. Lubrication ensures smooth operation, reduces friction, and protects against premature wear. The appropriate quantity and type of lubricant should be applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions, taking into account factors such as speed, load, and operating conditions.

6. Bearing Alignment:

Proper alignment of steel ball bearings is essential for even load distribution and minimizing stress on the bearing components. Misalignment can lead to increased friction, vibration, and premature failure. Aligning the bearing with the shaft and housing using appropriate alignment tools or techniques, such as dial indicators or laser alignment systems, helps ensure optimal performance and longevity.

7. Preload and Clearance:

Depending on the application, preload or clearance adjustments may be necessary to achieve the desired performance. Preload refers to applying a slight internal axial load to eliminate internal clearance, while clearance allows for a certain level of axial or radial play. The appropriate preload or clearance should be determined based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and the specific operating conditions.

8. Post-Installation Checks:

After the bearing is installed, it is important to perform post-installation checks to verify proper alignment, smooth rotation, and absence of abnormal noise or vibration. These checks can involve verifying the bearing’s axial and radial runout, conducting visual inspections, and monitoring the bearing’s performance during the initial operation.

By considering these installation and alignment considerations for steel ball bearings, it is possible to ensure the correct fit, alignment, and performance of the bearings. Proper installation and alignment contribute to reduced friction, extended bearing life, and reliable operation in various industrial applications.

steel ball bearing

How do steel ball bearings compare to other types of bearings, like roller bearings?

Steel ball bearings and roller bearings are two common types of bearings used in various applications. While they serve similar purposes of reducing friction and facilitating smooth motion, there are distinct differences between them. Let’s compare steel ball bearings to roller bearings:

1. Design: Steel ball bearings consist of small spherical balls that roll between the inner and outer raceways. Roller bearings, on the other hand, use cylindrical rollers that distribute the load over a larger contact area. The design of roller bearings allows them to handle higher loads compared to ball bearings.

2. Load Capacity: Roller bearings generally have a higher load-carrying capacity than ball bearings. The larger contact area of the rollers allows them to distribute the load more effectively, making roller bearings suitable for heavy-duty applications that require higher radial forces.

3. Friction and Speed: Steel ball bearings have lower frictional resistance compared to roller bearings. The point contact between the balls and the raceways results in reduced friction, making ball bearings well-suited for high-speed applications. Roller bearings, although having slightly higher friction, are better suited for applications that require higher radial forces and moderate speed.

4. Stiffness: Roller bearings exhibit higher stiffness compared to ball bearings. The larger contact area of the rollers provides greater support and resistance to deformation under heavy loads. This characteristic makes roller bearings more suitable for applications where rigidity and stability are crucial.

5. Application: The choice between steel ball bearings and roller bearings depends on the specific application requirements. Steel ball bearings are commonly used in applications that require high-speed rotation, such as electric motors, automotive components, and household appliances. Roller bearings find extensive use in heavy machinery, industrial gearboxes, construction equipment, and automotive applications where higher loads and radial forces are involved.

6. Size and Configurations: Steel ball bearings are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, allowing for versatility in different applications. Roller bearings also come in various sizes and types, including cylindrical, tapered, and spherical roller bearings, catering to specific load and performance requirements.

7. Cost: Steel ball bearings are generally more cost-effective compared to roller bearings. The simpler design and manufacturing process of ball bearings contribute to their lower cost, making them a preferred choice in many applications where high load capacity is not a primary requirement.

In summary, steel ball bearings and roller bearings have different designs, load capacities, friction characteristics, stiffness, applications, and cost considerations. The choice between the two depends on factors such as load requirements, speed, rigidity, and the specific needs of the application in question.

China best Pillow Block /Insert / Unit/ Housing/Agricultural Bearing/OEM Bearing Sucf205-16 Suc205, UC Ucf UCFL UCT UK for Stainless Steel   bearing driverChina best Pillow Block /Insert / Unit/ Housing/Agricultural Bearing/OEM Bearing Sucf205-16 Suc205, UC Ucf UCFL UCT UK for Stainless Steel   bearing driver
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