Single Row Deep Groove Steel Ball Bearing

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Single Row Deep Groove Steel Ball Bearing


A single row deep groove steel ball bearing is a deep groove ball bearing with a deep raceway groove. The arc radius of the inner and outer rings is slightly larger than the balls. Due to their versatility and overall performance, single-row deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used roller bearing type. The bearings can be inseparable.

Single Row Deep Groove Steel Ball Bearing Specification:

Boundary dimensions
Bearing NO.
3 10 4 0.001 623
3 10 4 0.001 623-2RS
3 10 4 0.001 623-2Z
4 13 5 0.003 624
4 13 5 0.003 624-2RS
4 13 5 0.004 624-2Z
4 16 5 0.006 634
4 16 5 0.006 634-2RS
4 16 5 0.006 634-2Z
5 16 5 0.005 625
5 16 5 0.005 625-2RS
5 16 5 0.005 625-2Z
5 19 6 0.008 635
5 19 6 0.008 635-2RS
5 19 6 0.008 635-2Z
6 19 6 0.008 626
6 19 6 0.008 626-2RS
6 19 6 0.008 626-2Z
7 19 6 0.007 607
7 19 6 0.007 607-2RS

Features of Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings:

– Excellent for high speeds

– Good radial load capacity

– Acceptable axial load capacity in both directions

– Have low torque capacity at startup and running speeds

– Can operate with low noise

– Require little maintenance


Steel Ball Bearing Advantages:

Angular contact ball bearings offer many advantages over other types of bearings. Here are just a few of the benefits that they offer:

-High precision: Angular contact ball bearings are designed for high-precision applications. They can achieve extremely tight tolerances, making them ideal for instruments and other sensitive equipment.

-High speed: These bearings are also designed for high-speed applications. They can rotate at high speeds without sacrificing accuracy or reliability.

-Durable: Angular contact ball bearings are very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They have a long lifespan, even in demanding applications.

-Low maintenance: These bearings require very little maintenance and are easy to keep in good condition.

Application Of Steel Ball Bearing:

Steel ball bearings are one of the most versatile bearing types available. They can be used in a wide variety of applications, from high-speed precision machinery to heavy-duty equipment. Here are just a few examples of where angular contact ball bearings can be found:

-Instrumentation: Angular contact ball bearings are often used in instruments such as flow meters and speedometers, where their high precision is essential.

-Automotive: These bearings are commonly used in automotive applications, including wheels, transmissions, and differentials.

-Aerospace: Angular contact ball bearings are used in many different aerospace applications, from aircraft engines to navigation systems.

-Heavy industry: Heavy-duty

-Medical: Many medical devices, from MRI machines to dental drills, use angular contact ball bearings.

-Machines such as excavators and cranes rely on angular contact ball bearings for smooth operation.

-Angular contact ball bearings are also used in many types of pumps, from small household pumps to large industrial pumps.

-Sports: Many types of sporting equipment, from bicycles to golf clubs, use angular contact ball bearings.