Single Row Angular Contact Steel Ball Bearings

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Single Row Angular Contact Steel Ball Bearings


Single row angular contact steel ball bearings are a common type of angular contact ball bearings. Angular contact ball bearings have raceways in the inner and outer rings displaced relative to each other in the direction of the bearing axis. Single row angular contact steel ball bearings can only accommodate axial loads in one order. This type of bearing is particularly suitable for carrying combined loads (radial and axial load) and pure axial loads and can be operated at relatively high speeds.

Single Row Angular Contact Steel Ball Bearings Specification:

Boundary dimensions
Bearing NO.
10 26 8 0.019 7000C
10 26 8 0.019 7000AC
10 30 9 0.032 7200C
10 30 9 0.032 7200AC
10 30 9 0.03 7200B
10 35 11 0.053 7300C
10 35 11 0.053 7300AC
12 24 6 0.011 7901C
12 24 6 0.011 7901AC
12 28 8 0.021 7001C
12 28 8 0.021 7001AC
12 28 8 0.023 B7001C
12 32 10 0.037 7201C
12 32 10 0.037 7201AC
12 32 10 0.036 7201B
12 37 12 0.06 7301C
12 37 12 0.06 7301AC
12 37 12 0.06 7301B
15 28 7 0.015 7902C
15 28 7 0.015 7902AC

Features of Single Row Angular Contact Steel Ball Bearings:

Single row angular contact steel ball bearings can withstand axial loads in a single direction and larger radial loads. They are inseparable and suitable for high-speed operation. The maximum contact angle is 40°, and the axial load-bearing capacity depends on the angle. The rotation speed of this type of bearing is better than that of other types of bearings.

When choosing this type of bearing, the key factors are the cage material, pre-tightening force, and clearance.

Steel Ball Bearing Advantages:

Angular contact ball bearings offer many advantages over other types of bearings. Here are just a few of the benefits that they offer:

-High precision: Angular contact ball bearings are designed for high-precision applications. They can achieve extremely tight tolerances, making them ideal for instruments and other sensitive equipment.

-High speed: These bearings are also designed for high-speed applications. They can rotate at high speeds without sacrificing accuracy or reliability.

-Durable: Angular contact ball bearings are very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They have a long lifespan, even in demanding applications.

-Low maintenance: These bearings require very little maintenance and are easy to keep in good condition.

Application Of Steel Ball Bearing:

Steel ball bearings are one of the most versatile bearing types available. They can be used in a wide variety of applications, from high-speed precision machinery to heavy-duty equipment. Here are just a few examples of where angular contact ball bearings can be found:

-Instrumentation: Angular contact ball bearings are often used in instruments such as flow meters and speedometers, where their high precision is essential.

-Automotive: These bearings are commonly used in automotive applications, including wheels, transmissions, and differentials.

-Aerospace: Angular contact ball bearings are used in many different aerospace applications, from aircraft engines to navigation systems.

-Heavy industry: Heavy-duty

-Medical: Many medical devices, from MRI machines to dental drills, use angular contact ball bearings.

-Machines such as excavators and cranes rely on angular contact ball bearings for smooth operation.

-Angular contact ball bearings are also used in many types of pumps, from small household pumps to large industrial pumps.

-Sports: Many types of sporting equipment, from bicycles to golf clubs, use angular contact ball bearings.